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    Millions of women today experience some kind of health issue relating to their hormones, ranging from premenstrual moodiness, uterine fibroids, irregular cycles, endometriosis, fibrocystic breast disease, heavy menstrual bleeding, perimenopause and eventually menopause. While more and more women are searching for solutions, they are limited and often involve some form of birth control pill or synthetic hormone.

    I encourage my patients to look at the underlying causes of hormone imbalances, including diet, hormone disruptors, environmental toxins, sleep, sugar intake, low adrenal function, stress and nutritional deficiencies.

    There is no question that our increasingly toxic environment contributes to the rise in the conditions associated with hormone imbalances. This is due to the frequency of endocrine disruptors in our food supply, food packaging, water sources, personal care products, cleaning products and polluted air. We are bombarded with chemicals every day that have the potential to impact our hormones. This is because many of them have a molecular structure that is very similar to our own estrogen; however, they have a negative impact on the function of estrogen. This is why we see young girls getting their first periods earlier, decline in sperm counts, lower testosterone levels in young men and an increase in estrogen-dominant conditions.

    Options to address these issues includes detoxify the body from these hormone disruptors and educating you on avoidance, the key to hormonal balance. I utilize herbs, nutrients, homeopathic remedies and bioidentical hormones to get your hormones back into harmony.

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