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    Jocelyn - Administrative Assistant

    Jocelyn was raised in Mission Viejo and returned to her hometown after attending college in Northern California. At Saint Mary’s College of California, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. Her journey with holistic healing started when she enrolled in a meditation course her first year of college. She quickly realized the profound impact that it could have on one’s life and later became the president of her college’s Meditation Club in the hopes of providing her peers with the opportunity to experience the deep peace she found from meditation. From there she began working for an organization on campus called Peer Advocates for Wellness. This program focused on addressing health concerns of college students in a well-rounded manner by addressing all aspects of wellness such as spiritual health, financial health, and social health. Through this organization she found her passion for advocacy work which she intends to continue through her work at OC Whole Family Wellness. Her hobbies include longboarding, baking, and crafting.

    Jessica - Administrative Assistant

    Jessica was born and raised in Orange County and is currently a student pursuing a career in occupational therapy. She loves that occupational therapy is a holistic approach to rehabilitation, because she strongly believes in treating a patient using a mind, body & spirit method to achieve optimal wellness. 

    Her goal is to help children and teens struggling with social, physical, and emotional problems live full and healthy lives. Jessica loves to watch the sunrise, go to the gym, bake healthy treats and spend time with her loved ones.  

    Kaitlyn - Administrative Assistant

    Kaitlyn grew up in Riverside, CA and moved to Orange County to live with her wife in 2020. Kaitlyn has an Associates in Social and Behavioral Sciences, and is currently studying to receive her Bachelor’s in Psychology Pre- Counseling. 

    Kaitlyn found a love for the holistic and spiritual field when she was introduced to reiki and vinyasa flow yoga. Through both of these modalities, she learned how to be deeply introspective and how to effectively deal with external stressors. Kaitlyn has worked in a variety of fields, from childcare to healthcare. She came to realize that many fields lack what the holistic field flourishes in— treating the whole person and
    seeking out a way to address the root cause rather than a temporary fix.

    Her favorite pastimes include cooking and baking with her wife, traveling, playing
    with her two cats, planning fun get-togethers with her friends, and watching horror movies.

    Dominique - Administrative Assistant

    Dominique was born and raised in Orange County, California. She graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Business Administration. Her main draw to working at OC Whole Family Wellness was her long-standing interest in holistic care.

    She enjoys learning about integrative medicine, and how there are many ways to keep yourself healthy through mind, body, and spirit. Dominique has a great love for sunflowers, coffee, and her corgis (Fun Fact: at one point in time, she owned 9 corgis). She plans on going back to school to get her Ph.D. in psychological research in hopes of helping first-generation college students.

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