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    Reasons to Choose OC Whole Family Wellness

    You’ve been looking for a doctor who is heart-centered and truly cares to invest the necessary time to treat your body as a whole system.

    We are beyond passionate about natural medicine. This is not a job, but a life calling to help educate our community about living a hormonal balanced, less toxic, more natural, healthy, green, environmentally aware and balanced life. We employ all these healthy practices ourselves and see it as both a privilege and an honor to share this information with you.

    You prefer to use the most natural approach possible and have concerns about the side effects of drugs.

    Many people have legitimate concerns about the safety of drugs. Although pharmaceuticals can play an important role in treating certain conditions, they have undesirable side effects, which can be more severe than the symptoms the drugs were designed to cure. We provide non-pharmaceutical options for all medical conditions. Research confirms that 85% of disease is a direct result of our environment and lifestyle, and we specialize in identifying these causes and providing natural solutions for correction. If drugs are needed, we recommend the necessary nutrients to take in concert with them, to help prevent drug-induced vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

    You want your natural health information to be customized to you.

    We are extensively trained in all aspects of natural therapies. Dr. Harden has 18 years of higher education and 18 years of clinical experience in naturopathic medicine, integrative medicine and functional medicine. In addition, she attends over 60 hours of seminars every year to stay up-to-date on the newest research and the latest advancements in her field. She can synthesize the overwhelming volume of information on natural therapies, debunk popular myths, and help you to understand which of the many available natural treatments is best suited to you.

    You want to make informed decisions about your health.

    Naturopathic doctors won’t give you the same advice as your traditional doctor; they’re not just a second opinion. Our training is uniquely wide-ranging, drawing on ancient traditions like Chinese medicine, recent innovations like targeted amino acid therapy, physical treatments like acupuncture and micropen needing, and hundreds more. We have a huge number of treatments to choose from—options that are robust and effective, and that can be used in combination and tailored to each individual.

    Though many of our treatments provide immediate relief, our patients are not looking for a quick fix. They are highly interested in improving their overall health and wellness and want to be fully engaged in the process of implementing strategies that will both alleviate today’s discomforts and build tomorrow’s health. They want to be involved in the decisions being made in regards to their treatment. This is a true partnership and our role is to give our patients the tools to make highly informed choices about what matters most.

    You are confused about contradictory health claims.

    The media and advertising industries make so many health claims that it is hard to know what to believe. Is red meat bad for you? Is gluten good for you? How about soy or carbohydrates? Which diet - Paleo, Keto, Carnivore v Vegan - is right for you? Answers to these vary from patient to patient, based on a long list of factors including family history, food sensitivity, hormone levels, your blood test results and more. We’ll work with you to devise a personalized health plan that takes into account a lifetime worth of factors, and one that is tailored specifically to your body: a targeted program that takes the guesswork out of building a healthier lifestyle.

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