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    Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments

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    Spotlight on the gut biome

    Finding calm in your life

    Naturopathic Support for Pregnancy, Post-Partum & Breast Feeding

    Keeping your kids healthy

    Discover a more natural way to health

    Get to know our amazing group of practitioners and support team - ready to help you to greater health.

    A health clinic full of heart-centered holistic practitioners

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    Welcome to a new paradigm in your healthcare

    Our heart-centered clinic is home to Licensed Naturopathic Doctors, Psychotherapists, Spiritual  Healers, Nutritionists, and a support team all committed to helping you on all levels  - body, mind, and spirit.

    Our new online store has been developed in response to patient feedback and brings you a range of  personally chosen products, compiled from 18 years of firsthand experience of seeing the difference they make for my patients. Dr. Julie Harden ND, LAc

    Holistic Healing - licensed naturopathic doctors, holistic psychotherapists, healers and nutritionists
    Holistic Healing - licensed naturopathic doctors, holistic psychotherapists, healers and nutritionists

    No body is the same.

    We all strive for better health, but one size does not fit all. Some strive for more energy or better digestion, while others seek help with the bigger questions in life.  Whatever your goal, our holistic approach helps you on your journey to better health. I encourage you to explore our Health Talk section to understand more about a more natural approach.

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    Every product is responsibly sourced and researched to give you the best quality supplement. Every brand is gold standard, offering robust ingredient development, ethical manufacturing, and extensive batch-testing. I hope you enjoy exploring ways to better health.


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