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    Favorite Infusions


    Wave of Wellness 

    A cocktail packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to help support hydration, increase energy, improve metabolic health, and combat nutrient deficiencies. Choose from 10 grams of vitamin C or 20 grams of vitamin C. 

    Immune IV

    This vitamin-packed infusion gives your body’s defenses a considerable boost. Great for flu season, before a big trip or whenever you’re feeling at risk, this drip is packed with additives that both prevent and treat all varieties of infection, from cold and flu to viral and bacterial bugs. An excellent way to quickly boost immunity, this is the drip to keep you going strong, all season long.

    Cup of Calm

    When anxieties are flaring, this powerful infusion can usher in a resounding calm. Its high doses of nutrients and amino acids are targeted to lower the stress hormones that wear us down, allowing an anxious and overworked system to deeply rest and replenish. This drip is a quick way to shift from wired-and-tired to refreshed-and-inspired, naturally.

    Dr. Feel Good

    When you’re feeling down and there seems to be a gloominess to your days, the Dr. Feel Good IV will help improve your mood by helping you provide the nutrients to help create happy neurotransmitters. This drip helps you feeling great and enhances your state of mind. 
    Energy Up

    Packed with essential nutrients, this infusion boosts energy, improves stamina and makes your whole body more effective. By delivering a group of powerful amino acids that support your cell’s mitochondria, this drip ups your body’s ability to perform all its functions—bringing you an invigorating energetic lift. 

    Healing hands

    Great to use before or after a surgery, this collection of powerful nutrients was chosen for their unparalleled ability to reduce inflammation in the body. An extremely effective drip for speeding the healing of wounds, and for supporting a system with an autoimmune condition or one that is fighting a disease, this powerful cocktail helps to keep inflammation under control so the body can focus on healing.


    A bag meant to hydrate. If you are experiencing food poisoning, stomach bug, dehydration, or a hangover, this bag will surely help to give you the fluids needed quickly to help you feeling better. 

    When you are feeling the onset of a migraine, or if you are currently experiencing one, this IV, loaded with magnesium will help to relieve your migraine or shorten the duration of one. 

    Specialty IV's


    NAD+ is a coenzyme naturally produced by the body that is associated with anti-aging. Our NAD+ IV treatment combines our wave of wellness bag with NAD+ in order to optimize absorption of the NAD+ into our cells. NAD+ is beneficial for brain restoration, enhanced energy, mental clarity, anti-aging, improved recovery, and addiction detoxification.

    Our NAD IV’s can be done in the following dosages: 

    • 250mg - approximately 2 hours
    • 500mg - approximately 3-4 hours
    • 1000mg - approximately 5-6 hours  

    Iron IV

    Our Iron IV can be used to effectively raise your iron and ferritin levels quickly without the need for oral absorption and side effects associated with taking iron supplements. *Iron IV requires bloodwork previously done by a doctor. 

    High Dose Vitamin C 

    High dose vitamin C is supportive for viral infections as a powerful oxidant. High dose vitamin C can be used for adjunctive cancer care, Lyme, EBV, and many other chronic illnesses. 

    Our high dose Vitamin C can be done using 25g, 50g, 75g or 100g of vitamin C. 

    *Patients receiving high dose vitamin C IV will need to show a Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) test before therapy can be initiated. 


    Whole Family Injections:

    B12 Shot

    Provides the most active form of B12, methyl cobalamin, for optimal impact

    Energy Shot

    Provides a quick boost of energy, stamina and endurance to keep you feeling vital

    Calm Shot

    Provides neurotransmitter support to bring a healing calm to the body and mind

    Slim Shot

    Provides methyl cobalamin with lipotropic factors to support the body in weight loss and detoxification


    It is now more important than ever to look after our respiratory systems as they are taxed with bacteria, smoke, and infections. Glutathione, our master antioxidant is the main defense against oxidative stress on our bodies. Using glutathione in a nebulizer targets lungs and airways directly by supporting the lungs through nourishing the mucosal lining. This helps decrease the burden put on lungs by reducing lung inflammation and supporting healthy detoxification.
    This treatment takes just 15 minutes in the clinic and can be done simultaneously with an IV to help boost your overall immune system. In addition, it can be purchased in a syringe format for home use.



    Infusion therapies are available with Dr Lye, ND, BSc, Tuesdays and Fridays. Please call the office to schedule all appointments. 

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