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    Metaphysical Healing

    Metaphysical healing is based on the idea that there is a solid and important connection between mind and body and to have one work, the other needs to work as well.   Having a negative mental pattern can lead to physical illness, and reversing the negative into positive can eventually result in healing – that is metaphysical healing in short.

    There is a strong association between body and mind. The working with one affects the other significantly. Changing your thinking patterns and turning negative thoughts into positive ones could not only lead to physical healing but emotional healing as well.

    Emotions that cause chronic and common problems are anger, resentment, and guilt. Conversely, the emotions that help with healing the most are self-worth, self-love, and self-acceptance. When working from a negative thought process to a positive one, it is important to employ emotions that improve the outlook on one’s self.

    How metaphysical healing can help:

    • Relieves stress, agitation, acute and chronic pain
    • Assists in the improvement of overall energy levels
    • Assists in promoting rest and improved sleep patterns
    • Heals deep emotional issues and trauma
    • Releases negative or stuck energy stored in the body and mind
    • Balances the overall body and energy centers
    • Clears the mind and opens intuitive senses to promote compassionate action towards self and others
    • Promotes higher levels of awareness



    Please contact Janet Whitener our Metaphysical Physician directly for all scheduling and questions on Metaphysical Healing.

    Text: 949-547-8204


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