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    Getting Ready For Your First Appointment

    We look forward to welcoming you to our OC Whole Family Wellness family and thank you for putting your trust in us to be your healthcare provider. We aim to make registration as easy and comprehensive as possible. 

    Step One - contact the office

    The first thing to do is to contact the office, by phone, fax, or in person and speak to one of our dedicated support team for an appointment with your chosen doctor. They will schedule appointments, set up patient in the patient portal and send all log-in information. 

    Step Two - complete the paperwork 

    As a paperless office, we use an online system (known as the “portal”) where you will fill out all of your paperwork from home. This means no bulky clipboards filled with paper, no scanning or needing to print anything, because it’s all conveniently online.

    • This system is safe, protected and HIPAA approved.
    • The portal is a necessary and useful tool used for all patients in our office. We believe it enhances your overall experience as a patient as you can access notes, prescription and communicate with your doctor.

    The webpage is and is best accessed from a desktop or laptop computer. The system is easy to follow but you can also download the instructions here

    If you get stuck or have questions, we are here to support you! Please feel free to call our office with any questions you have about your paperwork; we will be happy to talk you through it. Our phone number is 949-202-0047. 

    Step Three - get ready for your first visit

    • Bring your past medical records, laboratory reports and diagnostic imaging reports that you may have. If you do not have copies of these already, you can request them from the ordering physician and bring them to your first visit. If this is not possible, we can submit a request for these records on your behalf at your visit.
    • Bring all supplements and medications that you are currently taking so you and the doctor can review them together.
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