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    Clinical Hypnosis

    Clinical Hypnosis, dating back to the 1700’s, is a state of heightened concentration and awareness that is achieved by relaxing the critical mind and body. It is used for treating both physical and psychological symptoms.
    • During a state of hypnosis the body is still and relaxed, however there is significant neurological activity. You are conscious and aware of everything at all times. You are in complete control and you are able to talk and move.
    • Hypnosis allows you to connect to your powerhouse, the subconscious mind, which knows exactly what you need for healing. The subconscious mind’s language is imagination and therefore we can reframe old behaviors and traumas. The insight that is revealed in a hypnotic state is then used to introduce positive suggestions for healing and wellbeing.

    In medicine, hypnotherapy is used for anesthesia, surgery preparation, pain management, weight release, habit cessation, headaches, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune disorders, chronic stress and insomnia.

    In psychotherapy, hypnotherapy is used for healing past emotional and physical traumas, internalized conflicts, phobias, panic disorders, grief, depression, anxiety, performance enhancement and self-esteem issues.

    Find out more about Wendy Purcell, our resident Hypnotherapist.

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