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    Naturopathic Support for Pregnancy, Post-Partum & Breast Feeding


    Pregnancy is such an exciting time! Every mother wants to do the best they can for their baby, but it can get overwhelming with all of the information about what you should and should not do. Consulting a naturopath throughout your pregnancy provides you with the support and guidance to help provide confidence that you are providing your baby with the necessary building blocks and nutrients.

    All of the work that you have done with pre-conception care, eating well and taking your supplements does not stop now, but it does change and will continue to change in each trimester. Working with Dr. Harden, she will support both the mother and the fetus, at each stage of growth and development.

    Your body has a high demand for nutrients during pregnancy. You are the sole source of nutrition for your growing baby. Factors such as stress, inadequate diet, morning sickness, allergies, heartburn or constipation lead to inadequate nutrient levels to address the needs of both you and your growing baby. All pregnant women require nutritional supplementation due to the lack of essential nutrients in our soil and food supply and the increasing needs from the growing baby. Our doctors customize a nutritional and supplemental program that changes with every trimester and each unique pregnancy.


    Motherhood is a joy, a gift and a blessing. But it is not an easy task. It can be exhausting, trying and stressful. Every woman’s experience is unique and the transition can joyous and difficult at the same time. In the time immediately following childbirth, a woman’s body undergoes tremendous hormonal and social changes that can leave her with physical, mental and emotional challenges. Naturopathic Medicine is holistic care and is uniquely positioned to offer whole person and individualized care during the post-partum time.


    Many women receive contradictory and conflicting advice about breastfeeding – it is not as simple as we make it out to be! Through a compassionate approach, Dr. Harden supports you in navigating challenging times to overcome issues with: nipple pain, milk supply, reading early feeding cues, and food introduction. Helping your baby to get the best start possible, while empowering you and your family to achieve your personal breastfeeding goals is a priority. As breastfeeding nutritional needs are higher than during pregnancy, Dr. Harden recommends vital nutrients for mom and baby during breastfeeding to ensure proper nutrition for all.

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