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    Tapping Technique to Reduce Grief During Covid Pandemic

    By Wendy Purcell Holistic Psychotherapist at OC Whole Family Wellness

    Are you experiencing grief from Covid-19? If so, you are not alone! It is by far the largest (over 80%) theme among my clients and I want to share this information in hope of providing you with support and understanding, plus a technique to help minimize it. Grief comes in waves and travels through emotional stages of denial, anger, sadness, bargaining and acceptance. 

    Unfortunately, these stages are not linear, and if not addressed, you can bounce around through different emotions on a daily basis for weeks, months and even years.The underlying cause of grief is loss and in the 20 years of my practice, I have never witnessed more losses than what Covid-19 has unleashed. For the most part, we are all experiencing losses of freedom, life as we knew it, safety, security, autonomy, socializing, family, income and even identity. Some will lose jobs, resources, travel plans, events, such as weddings, graduations and prom. Some of us will experience the loss of loved ones to the coronavirus or have everlasting health conditions. The list goes on and is very personal and unique to every individual.

    In working with my clients, we have been using Energy Psychology protocols, specifically tapping techniques, to heal and neutralize the grief created by these losses. The great news is it takes only 3 minutes and you will feel the difference immediately!

    For those new to tapping and want to learn more, I suggest clicking on the link to download detailed instructions on why and how to use tapping techniques successfully. Additionally, you can work through the protocol with me in this instructional video. Part of the process is acknowledging what you have lost, and I encourage you to make a list of your personal losses and follow along; you will be amazed at how much better you feel.


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