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Cleanse Pure Formula Essential Oil 15ml

Cleanse Pure Essential Oils is a blend of lemon, tangerine grapefruit and orange in ORMUS, a mineral base.

The Cleanse Pure essential oil formula exfoliates dead skin cells while delivering nutrients such as vitamin C and oxygen to the outer layer of the skin, as well as the bloodstream. The essential oils of lemon, tangerine, and orange are the "happy oils" because they are so uplifting. Since the essential oils are highly concentrated, one tiny drop is all you need to gain results. The Cleanse Pure Formula is an excellent choice for a facial cleansing cream. Just mix a couple of drops to a dollop of natural lotion or cream right in your hand. Mix, apply, and massage. Rinse with a warm moist cloth.

Diffuse Cleanse Pure Formula to purify the environment.

  • Spray Disinfectant- add 20 drops to a two-pint spray bottle. Use as a surface cleaner to disinfect.
  • Body- apply 3 drops on congested areas to help dissolve cellulite.

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