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    Wise Woman

    Bottoms Up Balm Topical 1 Oz. - Special Order

    Taking care of the sensitive skin on your 'Bottom" is important. Dry, irritated, or inflamed tissue can cause major discomfort so it's important to use high quality botanical topical balms that are nutrient rich for your tender skin. Wise Woman Herbals® Bottoms Up Balm is safe and effective for the sensitive skin of babies and adults.

    Ingredients include

    • Achillea mil. (yarrow) may: Promote skin healing, support healthy skin hydration, promote skin tightening and support skin softening
    • Althaea officinalis (marshmallow) may: Support healthy hydration, promote normal aging of skin, promote healthy skin and soothe irritated skin
    • Hypericum per. (St. John's wort) may: Promote skin health and support wound healing
    • Hamamelis vir. (witch hazel) may: Promote skin healing, soothe irritated skin, promote skin health and nourish dry skin
    • Ruscus acu. (butcher's broom) may: Promote healthy vascular structure in the rectal area soothe itching and promote skin health
    • Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) may: Promote healthy cell turnover and supports wound healing
    • Olive Oil may: Support younger looking skin, improve moisture content of skin and promote healthy skin exfoliation
    • Beeswax may: Promote skin health, support normal inflammatory response, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and support healthy skin moisture

    Special Order: If we are out of this product and you are interested in purchasing, please contact us through email at Please note, all special order products are final sale.

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